Moving around, in a DOMESPACE, is simplified with reduction from the center reaching everywhere; there is no need of long corridors taking up useful space.

The DOMESPACE saves 5% to 10% of usable space.

Contrary to some pre-conceived ideas, a DOMESPACE is not difficult to furnish.  Domespace owners have a larger volume of usable space--real estate tax basis--which is great for storage.

For 1,250 square feet livable space in a DOMESPACE of 24 foot radius, there are 2,260 square foot of floors!  Of direct consequence is extremely usable «non-space»: the DOMESPACE dwellers position walls, cupboards, kitchen counters, TV, bath-tubs, etc., and even beds, in zones traditionally known as "non-usable".

This aspect is even more interesting than in the traditional slanted-roofed house because the natural curves of the Dome strongly increase its habitability.