9 - The Heating System

Chimney, stove, heat pump, geothermal, solar panels coupled to radiators with water, electric convectors, etc.  The solutions are multiple.  We will particularly recommend to you a chimney (X-RAY) coupled with radiators with water heated by solar panels.

If you prefer not to keep an ongoing fire in the fireplace, a heat pump will be a very comfortable solution.

No matter what kind of heating you choose, you are going to use a minimum quantity of energy to heat a DOMESPACE.

It depends on the size and the volume of your DOMESPACE.

For example, the model Harmonique 7.20 will require 2232W to obtain a comfortable temperature of 20° C (68°F) inside the house when it is 0°C (32°F ) outside.

Under the same conditions, for a Harmonique 8.08, one will need a power of 2807W.  A Harmonique 7.20 makes it possible, for example, that occupants of the Bordeaux region can heat for the entire winter, only with wood, for a yearly consumption 5 to 6 steres of wood, which is far more economical compared to traditional energies sources.

Since 1990, we propose the X-RAY chimneys, designed by Dominique Imbert.  According to our models, different designs of X-RAY chimneys are available at a wide range of pricing.  We invite you to consult their Internet site.

Technically, yes.  However, for optimum radiation, the point of heating must be at the center of the Dome.  Heat is diffused thus in each part, in a homogeneous way.  Moreover, pulling will be better with an evacuation of the chimney located at the top of the Dome, because there are no turbulences.

As that had already been carried out by some of our customers with a concrete slab, we do not recommend this solution and suggest an ecological slab (lime/hemp).  Without that, one needs floors of sandwiched agglomerated slab which are not very ecological.