8 - Maintenance

Did you know that archeologiest found intact pieces of Cedar laminated beams in a 4000-year old Egyptian tomb?  It is reassuring to know that this imputrescible wood is used for the roofing of the DOMESPACE.

By following the proper installation techniques--like natural ventilation under the shingles for them to stay dry--Red Cedar is guaranteed for 40 years!

No maintenance is required to assure the longevity of the house!

Idealy it is best to vitrify or oil the flooring in order to be able to clean it in your own way, as for the walls and the ceilings, as well as the external shingles, no maintenance is essential.

If you coat the roof this only keeps its red color for a long time, but will not improve the physical qualities of wood which is imputrescible!

We have built for many years in areas sensitive to xylophagous.

The termites attack, with preference, slightly wet wood; this characteristic is dictated by their requirements of water that must be constant.  That is why DOMESPACE insulation is made of cork or woodpulp.

It is the combination of moisture and heat which supports the development of the termites.  In a DOMESPACE, the hygrometrical regulation being exceptional, these conditions are not met.  Installed correctly, with a perfect sealing, the DOMESPACE does not suffer from these attacks.

Lastly, moisture moving upwards coming from the grounds, the foundation, and the base of walls, supports the presence of the termites.  It is always possible to treat the bottom arches with traditional solutions, however the rotative Harmonique model of the DOMESPACE, in contact with the ground that by its base--a crown of moving steel posed on a cement slab--decreases the risk of further intrusions of xylophagous.