7 - Reliability

Here a question that is very too much often heard!  It is true that wood is a mode of heating, however, the structure of the DOMESPACE is made up of laminated beams.  This material is classified M1 like all traditional construction materials (breeze block, bricks, reinforced concrete) which means it is necessary to introduce an important flammable component to start a fire.

So, to answer more clearly to the question: a DOMESPACE does not catch fire more easily than a traditional building made of concrete.

That is why there is no extra premium insurance for a DOMESPACE.  Additionally, the firemen will assure you theywould prefer to intervene in a structure on fire made up of laminated beams than to risk themselves in a steel and concrete house.  Contrary to traditional materials, laminated beams are well known for their long duration to fire resistance: it does not collapse suddenly.  As for cork present in the insulation of the Dome, did you ever try to burn a cork bottle stopper?

When a house is on fire, the majority of the victims die of intoxication rather than burned by the fire.  Not containing harmful products to health, DOMESPACE materials do not release any dangerous gases.  On the surface, the fine layer of carbon slows down the penetration of oxygen and thus slows down the combustion.  It is known today that the danger really comes from all construction materials and installation (insulation, decoration, furniture, etc.).

Yes.  Also, we said to ourselves that we might as well make our chimneys both aesthetic and functional.  We thus called upon Dominique IMBERT, creator of the X-RAY chimneys to equip all our models.

It doesn't take-off when there is a lot of wind!

Tests carried out by an independent laboratory proved that the DOMESPACE resists winds blowing up to 240 km/h (149 mph); this is classified as «para-cyclonic.»

This characteristic, specific for DOMESPACE, is possible by its lenticular shape which lets the winds flow without retaining them.  That avoids causing wrenchings of rooves and collapse of walls which are sadly observed during storms and hurricanes.

In 1994, at the time of the passage of the cyclone «Tim», a DOMESPACE built in Taiwan, was confronted with truly extreme conditions of winds reaching 280 km/h (174 mph).

The DOMESPACEs are para-seismic, they obtained a classification of 8 on the Ritcher scale.  This consists of 12 graduations (Kobe: 7.3).  Two explanations: The round form which do not offer any opposition to the seismic wave, but on the contrary, lets it pass, and secondly, the flexibility of the wooden materials which, where metal reinforcements would break, rather absorbs and slackens the tension without breaking.