6 - A different Environment

From the exterior, it is unsual...

- If it is the color: It is true that Red Cedar becomes silver plated, but this is the color of Red Cedar's bark; it is natural.  More and more bell-towers of churches are covered in Red Cedar and one does not notice the difference with the slate roof.  However, if you wish to preserve the original color, we advise you paint the shingles every 4 or 5 years.  One can also pass from the naturalness to the original color with a simple high pressure water cleaning.

- If it's the shape: It is true that its shape can all be surprising, however when you visit the interior of a DOMESPACE, the external form will seem obvious to you.  It is a question of conditioning: if we had grown up in cities that had round architecture, then the traditional, cubic houses would seem to us very original!  When one observes nature, there is an omnipresence of the curved forms.  Think of the nests of the birds, the burrows, the shells, planets, the fruits, or even within the belly of the Mother.  Under other latitudes the habitats thelike igloos, the African hut, or even the yurts, testify to ancestral architectural traditions based on the circle.  Note: Rather than putting the DOMESPACE entirely with the top of the level of your ground, it is possible to embed the lower part of the Harmonique models (containing the cellar) in order to let the higher cupola (the inhabited part) visible.

Not only does one not get tired, but according to our customers, they would not want to be in any other the type of habitat!

Our customers are unanimous: one sleeps better in a DOMESPACE, one rather tends to feel better, and one feels to be in better shape.
One of our customers recently told us that he takes so much pleasure to his return at lunchtime, because in his DOMESPACE, he feels like he is «being always on vacation.»
Some children who grew up in a DOMESPACE are now building one for themselves.

A DOMESPACE has a lot of light because of the great number of velux windows that bring in more sunlight than that of a traditional window.

What surprises most of our visitors is the exceptional interior light.

This excemptional interior light is due to the large velux windows that are exposed towards the sky.

This is an surreal question in a DOMESPACE!  With the rotation, there are not really any%20windows that must face north.

In fact, the windows are rotated to exactly where you wish them to be!  Moreover, the round roof of the DOMESPACE allows the sun's rays to penetrate into the opposite windows; this is an action that is stopped by the traditional, pointed rooves.  In a DOMESPACE, you get more of the sun radiation throughout the entire day.

The day when the geobiologists will be able to realize, in blind test, the superposable plans, many people will be convinced.

On our side, we show with Geiger counters and scintillometers, that the radioactivity is less and that the measurements do not suffer because of the state of the tester.