4 - To build a DOMESPACE

Everyone agrees that a DOMESPACE can be built anywhere, without being concerned with the architectural environment.  The goal is not to shock by building in the middle of a real estate development.  Though one could wonder what really shocks!

It seems obvious that the best place to build a DOMESPACE is in the middle of a natural environment.

Is your land wooded or open?  It is certain that the DOMESPACE will harmonize perfectly with its environment.  Green spaces make a natural boundary with other constructions in your neighborhood.

Whether your property is completely plane or extremely inclined, it does not matter: a DOMESPACE is built without any problem on very different grounds.

As for any traditional habitat, you will not be able to build in zone declared «non-viable», and a building permit is essential.  Only the historical classified sites are to be excluded, except by exceptional exemption.

With its natural and «planetary» form, there is neither country nor area specific for the DOMESPACE.  There are some in each of French regions, in Switzerland, in Spain, in Germany, in the United States, in Canada, and even in Taiwan.  We often take up the idea of the designer, Patrick Marsilli, which the place where DOMESPACE integrates the best is on the Earth!

Thanks to the great resistance of its materials, a DOMESPACE can be as well built on seaside, under a wet and aggressive climate, or in a dry and Mediterranean area.  Tested at the edge of the ocean, in the south of Spain, under several meters of snows in Switzerland, DOMESPACE easily adapts to all the climates.

At DOMESPACE, we believe that our type of structure, which uses noble and environmentally friendly materials (wood, cork, etc.), can be 100% recycled, therefore DOMESPACE integrates perfectly into the planet without any pollution.

We are not so opposed to the concrete nor the square forms, rather DOMESPACE proposes a different alternative, -both as a habitat and as a way of life.

The standard DOMESPACE is designed for an altitude of less than 700 Meters (2300 feet).  For higher altitudes, we modify according to the regulations of our engineers.  For heavy snow area or heavy windy zones, it is possible to reinforce the structure.

This all depends on the model you want to build.  Take for example a Harmonique 7.20.

With its diameter of 14.40meters, (47.24 feet), you must take in consideration the distance between the size of your land and the DOMESPACE.   This distance, as defined by your county, generally goes from 3 to 4 meters (10 to 13 feet) minimum on each side.  To establish a DOMESPACE H7.20, a frontage minimum of 22.40 meters (14.40 2 X 4 meters) (60.27 feet), 47.27 13 is thus necessary.

For this reason, the long and narrow land is to be excluded in favor of land with square or polygonal form and having a rather broad frontage.

Is it easy to obtain the building permit?
Unless you wish to build near an historical building, nothing can prevent you from obtaining your building permit.  A building permit for a DOMESPACE is a request like any regular building permit.

A DOMESPACE approved architect files the papers for a building permit in its own county.  The quality of his work, together with a very good knowledge of the rules of town planning, allows him/her to obtain the building permit in almost all cases.

However, some counties have very strict local planning rules.  To avoid filing for a building permit at risk, our architect initially advises you to request several favorable opinions among the people familiar with the procedure so that you are assured to obtain your building permit.

Of course, throughout the process, our team is available to answer all your questions.

It takes approximately a month to do the paperwork for filing the building permit and two months for the approval.

It happened once that the county approved the building permit, but the local town did not approved it because the land was considered wetlands and/or flood plains.

What is the cost of the permit building?
The cost of the permit building will depend mainly on the size of the selected DOMESPACE.

Additionally, this «a la Carte Service» is defined by our approved architect; from the filing to overseeing the construction and visits on site.
It is essential to entrust the filing of the building permit building to a qualified architect who will be more effective with the bulding inspectors issuing the building permits.

DOMESPACE, not being a building company, offers 3 formulas of construction to you according to your desires, your availabilities, and your budget:

- DIY (Do it yourself): This is the most economic solution.  We deliver all the materials necessary to build the DOMESPACE including the floors and the partitions.  The customer assembles his DOMESPACE himself, from the frame to the interior completions.

- The installation including the floors
: all those who wish to take part in construction prefer this solution.  A company builds the structure and stops when the flooring is installed.  The customer, himself, finishes the interior.

- Turnkey Installation: This is the most convenient solution.  A specialized company assembles the entire DOMESPACE, including the partitions, staircase, doors, kitchen, etc.  Then the craftsmen finish the completions, namely the plumbing, electricity, heating, tiling etc.  The building site is always monitored by a General Contractor and/or Architecht.

DOMESPACE will help you in this choice. We can work everywhere with local companies selected and approved by DOMESPACE.  It is possible to call upon a local company to which we will have transmitted the know-how and approvals.

Our company delivers all materials allowing the construction of the structure as well as the floors, doors, and partitions; thereafter, the management of the interior--tiling, heating, electricity--is generally supplied by the customer or by the General Contractor.

For 17 years, DOMESPACE has made it possible to do it yourself for those who want to build their own house.  30% of the customers like this formula; it is the most economic assembly solution.  All the materials that we deliver to you come in the form of large «kit»: many pieces of wood are already cut, numbered, or assembled.

A training course delivered by a DOMEPSACE technical manager allows the DIY candiate to become familiar with the specificities of the DOMESPACE.  There is no need to be a professional of the building industry to start building your DOMESPACE, but technical skills and some knowledge of construction are necessary.

Obviously, the time varies according to the size of the selected DOMESPACE and the level of complexity of the interior installation.

One month is necessary to carry out the foundation and to let the concrete cure (21 days of drying).

Then count on an average of 3 months for the realization of structure and the floors to be installed.

Lastly, the completion of the finishing stage represents the same time as the construction of the DOMESPACE: on average 3 months.

Completion of the construction is from 6 to 9 months, depending on the size.