3 - Insulation

In Europe, DOMESPACE are insulated with cork which naturally contains 95% air; thus it has a better insulation capacity which does not subside after several years as does Fiberglass Insulation.  We all know about cork stoppers of wine bottles that take in their initial volume, as they are withdrawn, even after many years of compression.  Recognized for its exemplary insulating properties, cork is present in the hulls--the partitions under the floors--of the DOMESPACE.  In the U.S. we use wood pulp.

Soundproofing of the floors is already ensured by its 40 mm (1.57 inches) thickness that confers inertia to it.  To reinforce soundproofing of the second floor (and to thus deafen noises of trampling), we also propose false ceilings with cork insulation.  For optimal soundproofing, choosing doors is also crucial.  A thick door with solid mass is guarantor of a very good soundproofing for the rooms.

It is true that in the event of strong rains, the Vélux windows are noisier than vertical windows; however the quality of the double glazing contributes to decreasing the noise.  You can also equip your Vélux windows with external shutters which reduces the noise.