2 - Rotation

It is simple.  THE DOMESPACE is fixed on a bed of steel ball bearings in a circular railing.

Generally, rotation is operated by remote control.  All the Harmonique Models are delivered with this «standard solution».  A small remote control makes it possible to position the DOMESPACE towards either the left or the right-hand sides, according to your wishes.  Rotation carries out an outward journey and a return at the speed that you choose, between 1 and 4 inches per second.

Rotation can also be computer-assisted, to program the orientation of the DOMESPACE during the day.  It can thus follow the sun or move away from it.  You choose the exact position of the DOMESPACE at the desired hour.  For example, during Winter, the Livingroom part is provided with broad windows to follow the sun throughout the day--thus being heated naturally--then to returns to its initial position before you return to your work.  Your DOMESPACE is thereby very easy to heat or cool according to your needs.

 Rotation has very many advantages: it allows you to use the sun in Autumn and Winter, or--to the contrary--to move it away from the sun in Summer.  True savings using passive solar energy!

Thanks to the rotation, you can also isolate yourself from the noise caused by storms and sleep quietly by positioning the bedrooms on the opposite side.

This is possible by positioning the windows of your house according to your needs,  all thanks to the rotation system of the DOMESPACE.

Lastly, what a pleasure to be able to vary the luminosity and landscapes according to the seasons, or the weather, or, quite simply, according to your moods!

No, one does not have the impression of turning in circles in a round house as compared to a square house, but one has the advantage of being able to access all the rooms from the center of the DOMESPACE.

During a visit in a DOMESPACE, we can turn the house, and if you do not look outside, we guarantee that you will feel anything.
Indeed, the movement is so smooth that you do not realize its turning; it is actually necessary to fix a point outside to realize it is turning.

Indeed, since the DOMESPACE turns, the door is not always necessarily in%25250A the same position!

If your land is flat, then you can leave from any point of the house.

If your land is inclined, then you can only leave via the side on which the ground of your DOMESPACE is level, or you place a terrace, which surrounds the entire DOMESPACE, like a ring.  You can then leave the Domespace from any position of rotation.

  •  How to manage the utlities connection during rotation?
We have thought of this obviously !  The same way you can drink while turning your head, all the utilities consists of flexible drains which have the capacity to turn at the same time as the DOMESPACE. 
The DOMESPACE can go back and forth up to 330°.

Rotation is so slow and quiet, you do not even notice when it is turning.

No. Even in «fast» rotation mode (approximately 10 cm/s (4 inches per second) in periphery external of the dome, the goal is not «to stick» people against the walls!  The movement is slow and smooth.  With programmed rotation, one follows the apparent movement of the sun, which is unperceivable.