1 - The concept

What is a DOMESPACE?

A DOMESPACE is a round house--made of wood--which turns with the sun.  It is an indivudual house; a commercial or cultural structure; a space which can adapt to any project.  But above all, a DOMESPACE is a space for conviviale healthy and cordial life.

What material do you use?

The frame of the DOMESPACE consists of wood laminate beams of Spruce.  This material--particularly solid and resistant--is a classified hard material as reinforced concrete.

Thanks to the flexibility of this material, and with the manufacturing quality we manage to obtain, arches are curved with a high degree of accuracy.  The lining is in Spruce, insulation is out of pure expanded Cork (in granulated and plates) or wood pulp, the flooring is out of Spruce (beech anoak) as well as Bamboo.  Finally the roof is shingles of Canadian Red Cedar with its natural oil for protection.