11 - Prices

Contrary to what people think, a DOMESPACE is no more expensive than a traditional construction.

From the DIY DOMESPACE, to assemble yourself, to the "turnkey" version, the formulas of construction are adapted to your desires, your capacities, and your budget.  You choose the method of construction that is appropriate to you.  With the sights of its many aesthetic, technical, and energy efficiency, the cost of a DOMESPACE seemingly could be much higher.

- Its an architecture really different, inspired by nature, and turn towards the future.  A resolutely contemporary creation, DOMESPACE combines ancestral forms and modernity.  Single and personnalisable...your house is you!

- Naturally registered in sustainable development process, it is a healthy and very pleasant house in which to live.  It is well known that health is priceless!  However, let us keep in mind that a house is a serious long term investment and must be calculated on the long run and that the DOMESPACE offers, in this case, some real advantages.

- The materials we choose (Red Cedar, granulated of cork, spruce, laminated beams) have a higher cost than traditional materials (glass wool, breeze blocks, etc.) but they guarantee a much better performance, resistance, and a durability to you.

- The exceptional insulation of DOMESPACE guarantees very great thermal performances: It is a house which requires less energy for heating than a traditional house.  A simple central chimney is enough to suffice heating and, thereby,your heating budget is dramatically decreased.

In the same way you can check the gas consumption when you buy a car, it is important to study the energy consumption of your habitat.

-Rotation allows to direct the DOMESPACE under the best possible conditions to shelter wind, to modulate the natural luminosity, to be heated with the sun, to protect themselves from the hot seasons, etc.  It thus plays a crucial role in the heat balance, the energy efficiency, and the well being of the inhabitants.

For all these reasons, the DOMESPACE remains an economic house that provides you many decades of wellbeing, protection, and all this, without any constraining maintenance.

DOMESPACE INTERNATIONAL is a design company that markets the DOMESPACE concept and its materials.  As we are not a General Contractor or a Building Company, we don't have the legal right to give you prices on the finishing stages that we do not sell.
By marketing the kit only, we estimate the costs on the various other components and include them in our price list.  These estimates are variable because they depend, of course, on the localization, the size of the house, the type of desired completion, the ground, and other parameters to be studied with the DOMESPACE architect, General Contractor, or Building Company.

Let us take the driveway, which is for example the length, coating, etc.
our architect ,working on your project, gets specific prices concerning the finishing stage.

Provided with the plans of the building permit the customers request estimates from local companies.  To avoid charging you with this research, you can also call upon a General Contractor who can do this, but will cost around 10% of the cost, a reason for which the large majority of our customers prefer doing it themselves.

If you wish a wide service (including and understanding options such as solar heating, rain water recovery, a Canadian well, etc., you will have an approximate 10% increase compared to our estimated on standard equipment.

The exact cost depends on the precise number of openings of your project.   We carry out estimates according to your wishes: For example, a Harmonique 8.08 with 2 picture windows, a floor in beech, and????  When you choose the model, radius, and type (Harmonique or Eclosion) according to your needs and your budget, we invite you to contact Mr. Patrick Frydman, Architect DPLG, who will lay down your dream house on paper.  To contact it to click here.

Never.  There are no additional insurance premiums.

No.  You even save because of all the surfaces being located in periphery of the DOMESPACE, under famous «1.80m» (approx. 6 ft) defining the limit minimum of «livable m2».  For example, the Harmonique model 8.08 has 171 m2  (1840 sq. ft) livable,although the total surface is 282 m2 (3035 sq ft) of floors!  You declare only m2 livable, but have the advantage of a larger space.