10 - Ecology

We use spruce coming from European forests (mainly of Scandinavia and Austria), cork resulting from the Portuguese plantations, and Red Cedar from the large and abundant forests in British Columbia, Canada.  All these type of woods are selected according to their quality and result from forest durably managed, certified FSC or equivalent.

At DOMESPACE, we think it is preferable to choose really durable wood even if it is necessary to go a little further to seek them.  That makes it possible to not use heavy maintenance products that are dangerous for health and expensive.  For example, no maintenance is required for a Red Cedar roof because it is imputrescible.

This depends on the type of glue. In France we were the first to use products according to the German ecological standards countering all the manufacturers that were using highly corrosive products.  Furthermore, our laminated beams have channels and the glue are in the hull (on the level of insulation material) and not in direct contact with the interior of the DOMESPACE.  If enough resources had been devoted for the development of environmentally friendly glue, it is certain that the wood industry would have profit from it already.  We took part in a European research program to develop algae based glue.  If the tests are conclusive, we will be the first to use it.

Dans un DOMESPACE, on ne traite pas les bois : il n'y a donc aucune utilisation de produits chimiques et donc pas d'allergies possibles.
In a DOMESPACE, we do not use processed wood.  There are no chemicals, and consequently, no potential allergies.

Formaldehyde could come from our compressed wood panels (OSB panels).  However formaldehyde released coming from the panels that we choose are certified negligible or null and meet the German ecological standards.

It is possible and we recommend it!  Embedded in the roof outside, they merge with Vélux.  It is advised to install them partly low on the roof in order to collect a maximum of luminosity in winter when our requirements in heating are more important and the sun path is lower.

Indeed, we advise recovery of rain water in order to preserve our water resources which are being reduced more and more.  How to do it?  Since it would not be very aesthetic to fix a gutter on the roof of the DOMESPACE, it is enough to position gutters under the external periphery.  A DOMESPACE has such a large surface of roof resulting to a maximum amount of water saved.  For example, models 7.63 (150m2 livable) offers a surface of roof of 230,56 m2.

Yes, it is possible, many customers have done it.  There are also other more respectful solutions to the environment such as Canadian wells (aerothermy).

It is necessary to be vigilant with names which start to pop up on the very promising eco-dwelling market.  An autonomous house is independent energy wise.  It does not require any external contribution in electricity, means of heating, water, etc., but on the contrary produces for its self the necessary energy.

At DOMESPACE, we propose a healthy habitat, respectful of people and of nature.  In parallel, you are free to choose the most effective installations for yourself.

Naturally, and by deep conviction, we advise environmental installations to give to your Domespace the lowest carbon footprint possible.  It is completely possible to equip Domespace in order to make it completely autonomous.  Solar panels, rainwater recovery, Canadian well, wind, etc.

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Please contact us by telephone at 00 (33) 02 98 57 60 60
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We also can forward you by email a PDF file entitled «DOMESPACE a Sustainable Development Architecture».

It is a presentation of this construction and its environmental advantages.